Doze Little Toes
Doze Little Toes
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Doze Little Toes

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How many times have you said “Shhh go to sleep”? Is it hard to get your child to relax and sleep? Well, read on because this is for you.

Doze Little Toes teaches your child how to relax their body. This is through remembering what they’ve done during the day. Each page has delightful artwork and enjoyable reading to put those toes to sleep, relax those legs, thank God for each and every heartbeat and all the way up to calming their thoughts.

So if your child has been jumping, running, drawing, eating, laughing or thinking then this book will give them a greater appreciation for their body and much more. Doze Little Toes brings a greater awareness of how God has created them in such a wonderful way.

Doze Little Toes is a practical way of settling children and a great tool for parents.

Fiona Ross had two very active twins and this all started from there. Fiona wrote a special book to help settle her children of a night time and it worked like a treat! A couple of years later Fiona met Cheryl through working together at the SAN hospital administration department. From there they joined forces and talent, together to build on the original work and Doze Little Toes was born. Doze Little Toes is being enjoyed by many children and relieved parents. This is not only a delightful book but a wonderful tool to help settle children.

By Fiona Ross and Cheryl Dethan