A Trio of Plays
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A Trio of Plays

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Janet West was born into a theatrical family in Sydney in 1935. She has published works such as Innings of Grace (1987), Daughters of Freedom: A History of Women in the Australian Church (1996 ). This was awarded First Prize by the Society of Women Writers of NSW and Christian Book of the Year by an Adelaide Panel, Centenary History of Gilbulla – a commissioned history (2000) and Georgiana, an acclaimed play – first performed at the Glen Street Theatre in 1997 – which has since been shortlisted as a screenplay by Hopscotch Films and the NSW Film and Television Office.

She has also produced a volume of poetry entitled Crimson Boronia (2014) and edited her husband’s memoir, The Heart of Education (2015).

She was awarded Doctor of Theology for her studies on the history of Australian women in the Church, the first time this degree has been awarded to a woman by the Australian College of Theology.

This book contains her three plays in print for the first time.