Isn’t God Wonderful


‘Isn’t God Wonderful, isn’t He clever. God made the whole world and He put it together…’

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Written by Claire Osborne

Illustrated by Heidi Hendricks

The ‘Creation Series’ authored by Claire Osborne are enticing picture books that capture the marvels of creation and the intricacies of God’s handiwork. Illustrated by Heidi Hendriks the stories come alive with delightfully bold and bright pictures that illuminate the beauty of God’s creation. Preschoolers will be enamoured by the drawings of many and varied animals, flowers, insects, trees, birds, whales and fish. Through these books children can encounter a wonderful God who made the whole world and put it together through His genius, with His love and for His plans.

Isn’t God Wonderful, released by Christian publishing house, Salt & Light Publishing is their first book to be released in their successful Creation series. It is aimed at teaching 0-5 year olds how He created the world we live in filled with the tiniest of insects and bugs. Beautifully conceived by Claire Osborne, and superbly illustrated by Heidi Hendriks, Isn’t God Wonderful is an inspiring and vibrant picture book, which will appeal to children and adults alike. Their main focus is to teach children God’s word, using Psalm 104 as their inspiration and foundation.

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