Boomer’s Birthday


Boomers Birthday is very Australian. Whether it is the optimistic energy of young Joey, the no fuss practicality of Mag Magpie, or the laid back but loyal contribution of the echidna, Biggie Billa, all the characters present something of what it means to be Australian. Together they face the cunning deception of SS the snake, and the twists and turns of the story bring to life a range of qualities and life lessons that invite reflection. This is a good Aussie yarn that will delight all readers.

– Julie Reynolds, English teacher and School Principal

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Written by Heather Clark

Illustrated by Heidi Hendriks

Written by Heather Clark in parable genre, young readers will discover the bush friends coming up against the wiles of SS Snake. They’ll be kept in suspense as SS tries to trick the bush friends and get Boomer’s birthday present for himself. The theme of trust is developed in the story. These Australian animals are characterized beautifully by Heidi Hendriks illustrations.

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Dimensions 245 × 260 mm


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