Our Team

Claire Osborne
Founder & Author of Creation Series

Claire is currently Marketing Director for a Financial Services Group. Claire has over 35 years experience, predominately in the finance industry. Claire has always had a passion for teaching God’s Word to children. Claire and her husband John have been involved in developing and supporting a school in Bangalore India. The school started in 1994 with 9 quarry children and is now a school with over 1,100 pupils educating children from the surrounding quarry villages. John and Claire have been part of this development for 25 years. It has been a great blessing to see children who were destined for poverty now holding university degrees and making their way in Indian society. 

John and Claire have 6 daughters all of whom are married. The grandchildren count is now 23, so Claire has had many opportunities to get the approval from a target audience when writing her books. 



Matt Baker
Illustrator for Lewey the Lighthouse

Matt Baker lives on the east coast of Australia in sunny Newcastle. Matt loves illustrating and doing the odd bit of animation. Matt has worked for Disney Toon Studios has illustrated for Random House, QED Publishing, Samaritans Purse, The Bible Society, Scripture Union, Calvary Curriculum, Compassion and others. Matt is currently at University studying teaching. Matt is also involved in his church’s art team. Matt has a wonderful gift of seeing the story come to life before he picks up his paintbrush. You can contact Matt on his facebook page.



Heidi Hendricks
Illustrator of The Creation Series

Heidi Hendriks was born and raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and has been producing exceptional art from a very young age. Heidi’s passion is to create fine art that captures the purity and perfection of nature created by God.

Heidi’s creations are beautiful, engaging and delicate. Acrylic and oil based paints form the basis of many of her works . Every blank canvas is transformed by her unique and perceptive approach to painting.

Heidi is a mother of three beautiful boys and lives on the Sunshine Coast Queensland with her husband Sam, who is a school teacher.


Roderick West
Author of The Heart of Education

These are the memoirs of a much loved and highly respected teacher who sadly passed away in January 2016. Roderick West was an inspirational teacher and headmaster—Rod West transformed institutions by his inexorable focus on the people within them. For Rod, it was always people before process, teaching before education and actions before words. His mantra was “The Heart of Education is the education of the heart” and he touched the lives of thousands. “The Heart of Education” is edited by Graham Anderson, one of the 33 teachers turned headmasters under Rod’s stewardship. It is a valuable lesson delivered by one of the country’s greatest teachers and a certain reminder of true leadership (Introduction by Michael West (The Heart of Education))


Janet West
Author of Crimson Boronia & Trio of Plays
Co author of The Heart of Education


The Heart of Education was written primarily by Roderick West with the final chapters written by his wife Janet after he passed away early 2016. Janet is in her own rite an accomplished writer having published works such as Innings of Grace, Daughters of Freedom: A History of Women in the Australian Church (awarded 1st prize by the Society of Women Writers of NSW and Christian Book of the Year by an Adelaide panel), Centenary History of Gilbulla (a commissioned history) and Georgiana (an acclaimed play which has since been shortlisted as a screenplay by Hopscotch Films and the NSW Film and Television Office).

Janet has completed her doctoral studies on the history of Australian women in the Church, the first time this degree has ever been awarded to a woman by the Australian College of Theology.

She has produced a further two plays and two books of poetry (Poems of 2005 and Poems of 2012) individual poems have appeared in books and magazines and the latest, a Trio of Plays, and Crimson Boronia - an Anthology of Poems is the latest of her published works.


Jonathan Cooper
Author of Lewey the Lighthouse, Little Green and Little Teapot


John Goswell
Author of Halite

Dr John Goswell graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and later obtained a Diploma in Obstetrics. John has been a medical practitioner for more than 30 years, working in general practice for over twenty five years. His interests extend to the natural world, particularly plants and birds. A committed Christian for most of his life, he is interested in apologetics and biblical astronomy. The book Halite was written to illustrate aspects of the relationship between God and man and in particular the reason why a loving God can allow bad things to happen. John’s book takes us into the future of mankind with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence.


Ayesha Deane
Artist for Little Green and Little Teapot

Ayesha has lived in India since her birth in 1984 except for two years when she lived in Australia.

Ayesha has a degree in Fine Arts from Bangalore University.

Her illustrations for Children’s books are simple and playful.  Bold colours bring out the mood of each page.  She loves this particular line of work as she feels it is a great challenge to her creativity as she sees each page as a work of art and fresh ideas are always required.

Ayesha’s inspiration is drawn from the journey of life, and reactions to it, be it spiritual or personal.
Her prayer is for God to use her hands as His paintbrush to create art that serves His purpose.